Gotham "Wrath Of The Villains: A Legion Of Horribles" Review - AVClub

AVClub: If you’re watching TV in 2016 and love superhero stories, you’re probably trying to figure out how to cram everything into your weekly schedule. There’s a glut of options out there, and they run the gamut from more self-serious fare and procedurals to fun-loving romps and campy, self-aware tributes. There’s no shortage of choices, and yet there are clear examples of certain stories standing out from the pack. With its second season, Arrow crafted a near-perfect season-long arc involving Oliver Queen and his old island buddy/foe Slade Wilson, and the first season of The Flash overcame some early sluggishness to create a compelling mix of origin story and mythmaking. Those two seasons are tonally different, but they succeed for the same reason: their plots are anchored in meaningful character work and relatable stakes. Both seasons aren’t just empty action, but rather use their plot to explore deeper emotions; from Oliver dealing with the sense of responsibility he had in creating the monstrous version of Slade Wilson, to Barry confronting is own limitations and culpability in his battle with another speedster and his mentor.

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