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TVF Castle Season 8 Episode 22 Review: Crossfire

On Castle Season 8 Episode 22, Castle and Beckett find their lives in jeopardy as they attempt to take down LokSat for good on the series finale.

I fell in love with Castle from the very first episode. I fell hard for the love story, (Just check out my 29 Most Memorable Caskett Moments slideshow at the end of this review!), but I also loved the concept.

A writer and his muse made murder mysteries fun again…and let’s face it, there isn’t always a lot of fun on TV, especially where crime shows are concerned.

Flip through the channels and it feels as though every crime procedural is trying to be darker and more disturbing than the last.

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alycakes2028d ago

I am going to miss it. I hope Fillion gets another show soon because it's really him that I will miss.