Watch: Lethal Weapon TV Series Trailer


Watch the trailer below for the new Fox TV series, Lethal Weapon, starring Damon Wayans and Clayne Crawford.

Lethal Weapon will air Wednesdays at 8pm ET.

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dauntingpixel2019d ago

this isn't nearly half as bad as i thought it would be from the looks of things. not bad. i'll have to check this one out

-Foxtrot2019d ago

This probably could have done ok if it didn't have Lethal Weapon attached...the guy who is playing Murtaugh doesn't come off as well. Like in the film he was rougher which went to his more serious straight faced approach compared to Riggs.

alycakes2019d ago

Even if it's good watch them cancel it after the first season or even sooner. Usually anything I halfway like they cancel.

Garethvk2019d ago

He is a poor substitute for Mel. It is like they said hmm lets get a Blake Shelton type for the part.

MasterD9192018d ago

Damon Wayans, alright. I'm interested. No idea who the hell the other guy is though, but hopefully, he'll do a good Riggs.

Otherwise, the guys from It's Always Sunny could always fill in!

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