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Fox Wants to Continue Search for Truth with X-Files

Carl Williams writes, "The relaunch of the popular X-Files television show was unique to say the least. The support for the “10th season” was all over the board after much hype for it throughout late 2015. As far as Fox is concerned though, there is still interest in continuing the franchise with more episodes. There may be some problems with getting more episodes to viewers though."

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Aldous_Snow2025d ago

Love the xfiles. Currently on Spike starting from the very beginning. Loved the new season. Shame it was so short. Keep them coming!!

alycakes2025d ago

I hope they do continue it even if they do have short seasons each time. I still love those two working together and their stories.

MasterD9192025d ago

Well, they did end on yet another cliffhanger, so yes- more please. That weird lizard guy episode was actually pretty funny, but felt really out of place and kind of made their 6 episode-run feel cheated with that ending.