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How Nintendo Plan to Be The Next Pixar

Its official: Nintendo are expanding their brand to incorporate movies into their future plans just as much as video games, information that comes straight from a recent interview with company President Tatsumi Kimishima, who outlined the gaming giant’s intentions...

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WizzroSupreme2028d ago

Not exactly a bright idea given the current climate of video game movies. And it doesn't matter if Nintendo can't distribute their own properties to the big screen. There's no American studio that could ever be trusted not to mishandle it and Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto already expressed his doubts long ago that their franchises could be cinematic.

So it's all hot air until I'm literally sitting down to watch one of their movies in a theater. This stunt is mostly to reassure investors the company's still relevant – not that it's going to mean action.

Omnislashver362027d ago

Yeah, but most videogame movies go after a b-list/near b-list model of crappy action movies. Ninty has alot more wiggle room in a Pixar animation style.