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AMC Preacher To Get Talking Preacher After Show

AMC has announced that their pending show Preacher will be getting a post show discussion series which has become common in the industry and for AMC shows.

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alycakes2020d ago

I'm looking forward to this show so I hope it doesn't disappoint. I love Dominic Cooper and this is a really different role. Can't wait to see it.

Garethvk2020d ago

Agree. I am just tired of all this after show stuff. They are little more than ads for the show and do not really do much as the network will not let them give up to much. They just build hype and pat each other on the back.

alycakes2019d ago

Totally agree with you on that. It's a waste of air time and you don't learn anything new.

Alexious2019d ago

Me too, though I couldn't care less for a post show discussion. There's Reddit for that.