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Rumor: Hawkeye Solo Series Planned For Television


Many fans and even Jeremy Renner himself are excited at the prospect of a Hawkeye solo adventure. But is there a place in the tight Marvel schedule for the World's Greatest Marksman?

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dauntingpixel2028d ago

personally, i can't see it as a thing. not with jeremy renner at least. if it were to happen, i'm thinking it would be with a much younger version of hawkeye.

XisThatKid2027d ago

PLEASE if the beyonder is watching make this happen. More Hawkeye please

ScorpiusX2028d ago

No television , Agent carter was cancelled , Mockingbird was not picked up . Best place for these shows is Netflix w/ Iron fist , Luke cage ,Jones , daredevil and Punisher .

Aldous_Snow2028d ago

Not feelin a Hawkeye TV series. Doesn't come off as very interesting for some reason

-Foxtrot2028d ago

If it's not Netflix and not a prequel with him chasing down Black Widow then please don't do it.

If he's tracking her down then Scarlett Johansson won't need to be in every episode. Probably just here and there