It’s A Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s Supergirl

With the strong wave of Super Hero shows, we were all shocked to hear that Supergirl was being cancelled. The first season was awesome with some amazing action sequences and even better story line.…

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triverse2033d ago

I just don't know if this is a series I should start or not. I am more of a Marvel fan but what the people behind the DC licenses have been doing on television is at least intriguing.

NotEvenMyFinalForm2033d ago (Edited 2033d ago )

Have you ever seen the movie The Devil Wears Prada? If you like that then you might like Supergirl because the take of the series is a very similar one, except that here the assistant has super powers and the tone is a bit more girly and infantile. From a guy's perspective the first season had like 3 episodes worth watching and tons of missed opportunities.

At the moment the best DC series are Flash and Gotham. Both get unbelievably good toward the end of their first season while their season 2 are just incredible.

Deadpoolio2033d ago

Your kidding right? Gotham is terrible, especially with how it plays loose and fast with the actual Batman history changing EVERYTHING about it....NO they literally didn't all live in Gotham, and all practically know or know of each other...Bruce wasn't best friends with Selena, Riddler literally moved to Gotham AFTER Batman existed he wasn't some coroner assistant/serial killer...Joker wasn't a red headed kid who was in the circus....The show rapes Batman history every chance it gets....

triverse2033d ago

@NotEvenMFinalForm - No, I have never seen The Devil Wears Prada. I may have to give Supergirl a chance when there is a marathon of it or something.

@Deadpoolio - I tried Gotham and for me, the inaccuracies and the concerns you bring up pretty much had me drop it after about four episodes. I understand shows have to play a little with origins to get people to tune in but to play with EVERYONE in the comic?

Freethinkingjz2033d ago

@deadpoolio- I completely agree with you about Gotham. I enjoy the show because I don't look at it like the origin of Batman. It's a good action series but they liberties they are taking are ridiculous. I mean, in their world, The Joker is DEAD!! Really?? Batman's biggest villian is dead before Batman is even created. So yes, for a Batman origin show, it's bullsh*t. But as an action drama series, it's not bad.

Freethinkingjz2033d ago (Edited 2033d ago )

Thanks for all the comments. :-)

blackblades2032d ago

Well imo shows gets better over time. Seen alot of people say agents of shield and gothem was bad, but latter come around say oh I gotta watch it. Shows shouldn't get cancelled on the 1st season it's needs to warm 1st, fix the flaws in the 1st season and make it better. If not at least end it well on good note and a cliff hanger.

Goldenarmz2032d ago

It was never actually established that the Kid from the Circus was actually the Joker. So they really havent actually revealed who will grow up to be him. I do agree that I hate how they put every single villain in Gotham. I think it would have done better with just Gordon being the main focus with Bruce only being a backdrop.

InTheLab2031d ago

I think the main issue with Gotham is the disregard for the legacy of Batman. I loved the idea of "did Gotham create Batman or did Batman create Gotham". In this show, it's obvious that the villains created Batman on the kicker is, Gordon makes Batman unnecessary. When Batman gesture up again the Riddler...just ask Gordon. Penguin? Go see Gordon. Two Face? He's Gordon's age and has no connection to his creation doesn't have the same impact.

Gotham is a disaster. Instead of working the occasional strange case and sticking with the warring gangs...they went full Batman without the cowl and gadgets ....

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darren_poolies2032d ago

If you haven't watches Flash you definitely should. Couldn't recommend it enough.

movieguru832031d ago

I just started watching it about a month ago and I'm totally obsessed with it!

gangsta_red2031d ago

This show suffers from the same formula as Arrow and Flash. A superhero, a computer geek that can hack into what it seems everything and then the mentor/tough person. It doesn't help that this show is weighed down by cliche'd girly behavior.

It needs to separate itself from the CW hero formula.