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Fresh Off The Boat "Gotta Be Me" Review - AVClub

AVClub: While convincing “Corey the video rental guy” that he’s a connoisseur of fine films au cinéma, Louis learns someone from the family has been making mysterious movie rentals on his card. Puzzled, he searches the house. Nothing in the kid’s room (except a troubling picture of Jessica under Evan’s pillow), nothing in Grandma’s room, nothing at all. Until he uncovers a hidden stockpile of action movies under Jessica’s mattress. Nipples upon nipples of movies! Louis goes to Marvin with his concerns about the “shirtless men” tapes she’s been hiding from him. Instead of assuaging his fears, Marvin stokes Louis’s anxious fire, instructing him on how to be more manly. No talking! Only man-being! But it doesn’t come naturally to Louis. He’s a man who wears a shirt in the ocean. He admits that he’s found Jessica’s secret stash, but that’s not her style. She prefers Denzel asking “Julia Roberts, get me the legal briefs.”

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