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The Last Panthers "Angel Of Death" Review - AVClub

AVClub: With The Last Panthers catching its breath before diving into the finale, it’s a good time to take stock of the show. What started as an investigation into a diamond heist has turned out to be resolutely not that. That impression comes across early, although it takes a while to sink in: The Panthers are purported to have pulled off some of the most magnificent heists ever in some of the ritziest neighborhoods on the planet, but there’s nothing remotely glamorous about The Last Panthers. The miniseries takes a wrecking ball to those neighborhoods, getting down to the dirt of Europe. Under Jack Thorne and Johan Renck’s vision, Marseilles isn’t a tourist mecca but the Kalashnikov capital of France. Wealthy London is uncomfortably imperious and cruelly imperial. The diamond heist itself is the MacGuffin. It lured our three protagonists and many of their connections into an elaborate chase through the sewers of the continent. And here at the outset of the finale, they’ve each taken in the scope of the capitally conjoined corporate, political, and criminal forces against them and managed to escape with very little but their own lives. That and, at last, an appreciation of the whole forest, not just the trees.

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