Arrow "Monument Point" Review - AVClub

AVClub: That was really close to being a damn good episode of Arrow, probably one of the best of the season. Sure, there are some issues you could reasonably take with some of the plotting—the whole business with Lance and Donna just about makes sense, but there’s a wonky familiarity to it that feels like we’re entering a story more than halfway through—but overall, “Monument Point” is a testament to how much the show benefits when Team Arrow truly, properly has its hands full. With no time left to brood, Oliver remains focused solely on the mission at hand, which makes his occasional deviations to counsel Diggle and Felicity’s Jonathan Pryce-looking dad all the more meaningful. Felicity too is cut loose here, and as much as the whole Palmer Tech storyline ran its course a half-dozen episodes back, I’m not going to quibble too much with a plot that pushes her attention away from Oliver and onto alternately saving the world and dealing with her untrustworthy father. “Monument Point” is a classic Arrow endgame episode with a heist thrown in for good measure, and Thea gets her own solid little subplot with Malcolm, Anarky, and her brainwashed hunk of a cutthroat political operative. This is all good stuff!

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