Karl Urban Weighs In On Dredd Future, Actor Keen On "Worthy" Sequel

WGTC writes: Mega-City One's Judge, Jury and Executioner Karl Urban wants a "worthy" sequel to 2012's Dredd, who also reflected on the original's lowly box office.

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EazyC2035d ago

Netflix, do the right thing and blow the remainder of your financial budget on a Dredd series with the movie cast. Really go to town on it! I adore Dredd.

gangsta_red2035d ago

How awesome would that be!

MrDead2035d ago

They should bring Dredd into the DC universe, he'll kill all the bad guys in about 5mins and arrest the others for being vigilantes.

SarcasticDuck2035d ago

funny how my childish mind imagined myself on the movie as a vigilante who got on that case and ends up helping Dredd. lol