TVF Blindspot Season 1 Episode 21 Review: Of Whose Uneasy Route

Hackers attack the FBI on Blindspot Season 1 Episode 21. Mayfair is also investigated and eventually for a crime that Jane has implicated her in.

We got ourselves another great non-tattoo episode on Blindspot Season 1 Episode 21. And the ending, the freaking ending, was a shocker and caused goose bumps all over my arms.

Everything that Oscar has asked Jane to do from the simple task of switching a pen to the big task of installing a thumb drive all lead to setting up Mayfair for multiple murders. The evidence is pretty thick against her. The look that was on Jane's face showed you understood her role in all of this. How everyone else on the team missed her stunned face, we'll never know.

This all led back to everything I've been screaming for episodes. Why was Jane so easily working with Oscar? The excuse of Weller's life being threatened is no longer an explanation.

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