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The Flash "Rupture" Review - AVClub

AVClub: “Rupture” is a pivotal episode this season, but for the most part, it’s also a dull one. Team Flash has made bad choices in recent weeks, and they haven’t turned out to be such great choices for the creative team either. Because this entire episode is built to get Barry to the point where he agrees to Harry’s reckless plan to recreate the particle accelerator explosion, it gives us a passive hero for most of its running time. Barry is in reactive mode, listening to one speech after another about what he should do or not do or whether it even matters what he decides. Since we know it’s a foregone conclusion—of course Barry is stepping into that mini-accelerator at the end—this makes for a largely drama-free episode, unless the reconciliation of the Ramon brothers is something you’ve been longing to see.

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