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Person Of Interest "B.S.O.D." Review - AVClub

AVClub: Person Of Interest is back for a final hurrah and the fan service is in full gear. Throughout the episode, the show’s acolytes are blessed with a well-executed chase sequence set to another well-chosen song, car crashes galore, Root with a gun, Reese with a power drill and a liquid nitrogen tank, the reappearance of Grace, and Bear of course. What more could fans want? Ethical dilemmas and philosophical ponderings regarding parallels between technology and the human condition, what else? After beating up some baddies, Reese and Finch are on the run with an ailing Machine and they make the conscious decision to leave their teammates behind for the sake of humanity. Common courtesy is thrown out the window, but at the same time, they know that Root, at least, can probably handle herself for the time being. The fact that the decision is articulated out loud means that team dynamics are at the forefront of the episode’s themes once again, as we are back to basics.

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