The Path "Refugees" Review - AVClub

AVClub: With these words, Silas seals his fate and The Path moves into a new chapter of its story. “Refugees” pushes its leads to their breaking point, forcing them to face hard truths and declare their intentions. Cal is stripped by Silas of his facade and he lashes out, desperate to silence the embodiment of his greatest fears. Eddie is pushed by Cal out of passivity, made to choose between actively, publicly aiding or betraying Alison, between acknowledging his loss of faith or continuing to play the part of believer. Sarah, by virtue of Cal’s absence, must choose between staying silent and abandoning her principles or leading her community to adhere to them, but in all likelihood dooming it. How willing are each of these characters to face their truths, to be tested in their faith and grapple with the implications of their choices?

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