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Battlestar Galactica "Flight Of The Phoenix" Review - AVClub

AVClub: Welcome back to Battlestar Galactica reviews—again. When last we left our heroes, the band had gotten back together, and things were sort of good and sort of awful, as per the usual. Actually, they were mostly just awful. While it’s a structural godsend to have Helo, Sharon, and Starbuck back on the Galactica where they belong, Adama isn’t very comfortable to be in close quarters with a woman who looks exactly like (and shares memories with) the trusted ally who once tried to kill him. President Roslin is weeks away from death, supplies are running low, and everyone is over-worked and over-stressed with no end in sight. Sure, they have a better idea of where Earth might be, but that’s a long term goal, and when you’re mired in loss and failure, long-term goals aren’t much better than no goals at all.

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