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The Catch "The Ringer" Review - AVClub

AVClub: The cases of the week tend to be the weakest parts of The Catch. Most of the cases seem like they’ve already been done before on Scandal. And even if they aren’t exact replicas of other case-of-the-week plots from network television, the twists are so easy to see coming and the characters are so broadly drawn that it’s very difficult to become invested. I can’t tell you much about the case of Joey Singh. Sure, the plot details are there. Joey’s father Vincent hires Alice and Val to investigate, suggesting his ex-wife as a possible suspect. Indeed, the ex-wife Karen orchestrated an elaborate plan to get Joey away from Vincent, who has sole custody over his son because he paid off a bunch of witnesses to testify that Karen was a dangerous and unfit mother in court. I’m about as invested as Alice is, who is distracted as usual by thoughts of Ben and the weird middle-ground where they currently exist: not quite enemies but not really allies, either. The Joey stuff is all pretty ancillary, and it isn’t even anchored by a strong performance as the case of the week was by Samira Wiley in last week’s episode. Sometimes, I think The Catch is so much better suited for cable or streaming, where it wouldn’t necessarily need to have the episodic hook but could focus on the more serialized storytelling, which is undeniably stronger. But the overall frothy tone also makes the show a perfect fit for the TGIT lineup.

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