Scandal "Trump Card" Review - AVClub

AVClub: The name of this Scandal episode is “Trump Card,” ostensibly in reference to Hollis Doyle’s resemblance to a certain Republican nominee for president, but it also functions as a literal trump card. After weeks of bizarre plot corkscrews (hey, did you hear that Olivia beat a man to death with a chair?) followed by some weird inactivity focused on Jake’s wedding, this episode revs up so much, the change in pace is downright jarring. A whole lot happens this episode, one of those breathless rides we used to love Scandal for, with Olivia Pope Olivia Popeing somebody, and even more potential secrets and revelations still to come. So there’s some good here, at long last, but it’s wedged in around what I have come to consider Shonda Rhimes’ signature dialogue/cadence problem.

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