What We Liked and Loved About Captain America: Civil War


It’s an Avengers movie! It’s a Spider-Man movie! It’s a Black Panther movie! Captain America: Civil War manages to be all of those things and more, thanks to a feat of truly impressive cinematic plate-spinning. This movie wasn’t just good. It’s the best Marvel superhero film so far.

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supes_242028d ago

Disagree about it being the best Marvel movie to date. It felt rushed and squeezed too much together. Didn't explain why certain characters chose what side, especially Spider-Man and Antman. Too many silly moments and that took away from the movie, Tony Stark acting like a cop wanting to arrest friends that he had, literally one movie ago, were willing to die for each other to save the planet. Now some government agency wants to monitor their actions then boom......let's fight! Dumb all they way around and served no purpose in the MCU for the development of Thanos or any other threat.

Soldierone2026d ago

It was far from the best Marvel movie so far, and honestly I'm finding people to be bluntly hypocritical, proving my point that these same people hated BvS simply because it said "DC" at the beginning.....

The movie felt incomplete. I follow pretty much everything Marvel does and yet I was still missing where certain pieces of information came from. And what was up with Iron Man basically being bipolar? One second on your side, next second he was straight up villain worthy.

It felt like the movie was trying to be Guardians, yet couldn't reach that high up so they threw in cheesy jokes for safety measure.