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'Power Rangers' Exclusive: Here's Your First Look at the Gang's New Suits


Later, Lycra!

When the Power Rangers revival morphs into theaters, the five teenagers with attitude won’t be wearing the original series’ campy costumes to battle Rita Repulsa (Elizabeth Banks).

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-Foxtrot2033d ago

Brought to you by Stark Industries.

dauntingpixel2033d ago

can't tell if you hate it or like it or...

Porcelain_Chicken2033d ago

Really!? LOL. You must not know Fox. No offense to Mr. trot.

Well mine is less cryptic and I love them! I wasn't looking forward to this movie one bit when announced but now I'm feeling all nostalgic inside! I just hope we don't end up with a Robocop style remake.

-Foxtrot2033d ago




pompombrum2033d ago

^^^ That was my initial reaction, they look more like Guyvers than Power Rangers.

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blackblades2033d ago

Dude I thought the same thing, thought it was ironman suits. I still watch power rangers, this right here might be a disaster like the new TMNT movie. Nothing beats the tv series.

ReelKid2033d ago

Waay too much going on here with their outfits. And their stances look incredibly awkward haha

ZaWarudo2033d ago

I don't know what to think.

gangsta_red2033d ago

No, no, no! Part of the absolute charm in Power Rangers was the cheesiness. All they have to do is look at the latest Power Ranger suits and go from there.

Silly gameAr2033d ago (Edited 2033d ago )

Yeah, looks like they're going to take the reboot way to seriously.

NotEvenMyFinalForm2033d ago

lol wtf is this? This is some godawful design. And not to mention they changed the skirts of the female costumes for heels and chest plates that are like twice the size of their boobies. XD

dauntingpixel2033d ago

what have you got against boobies?

gangsta_red2033d ago

I never understood why exo suits worn by women needed boobs.

dauntingpixel2032d ago

why wouldn't they? they're supposed to conform to some degree to their body.

Lord_Sloth2033d ago

Felling mixed about it. I mean they aren't bad designs, just different. But they kept those stupid lips.

masso91122033d ago

They shouldn't have gone with full armor, if they used a material similar to Captain America's suit from Avengers 1 movie, they would've looke great, also they took away the chest emblems and the Rhombus shapes on the suit (which are iconic to the classic power rangers) they could've just modernized their classic looks /:

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The story is too old to be commented.