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Review: Captain America: Civil War| The Good the Bad and the Insulting

Sometimes you just have to praise something which works in spite of itself. Really, when you see these reviews on here, often even the near glowing recommendations highlight at least one or two big failings here and there. There's rarely anything which is truly perfect after all, as even the greatest of classics have some minute flaw somewhere, and fans always need to learn to love something despite their failings more than anything else. With that in mind, Captain America: Civil War runs a very fine line between success and failure. It's hardly a bad film by any means, and dodges many key failings which have dragged down more ambitious productions, but there's more than a few innate problems which severely hamper its potential. The big one though? Simply this: Marvel's Civil War will never work, no matter how many mediums they adapt it into.

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corroios1764d ago

Its a cool movie, fun, with good action scenes and much better pace then BVS. Of course it does have problems.