Badass 'Prometheus' Alternate Scene Would've Made the Movie So Much Cooler

Bloody Disgusting

When it was released in 2012, Ridley Scott’s Prometheus more or less split audiences right down the middle. While some felt that the film was a total mess, full of plot holes and plagued by frustratingly unanswered questions, others praised the heady sci-fi flick for working as both its own movie and a clever prequel to the original Alien. I personally fell into the latter camp, and consider Prometheus a more-than-worthy addition to the overall Alien mythology.

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MasterD9191760d ago

WOW! I can't believe they went in the other direction...this scene killed it and actually made some sense out of the movie. What a shame.

level 3601760d ago (Edited 1760d ago )

Question is will this now "deleted" sequence take some of the excitement out when Elizabeth Shaw ( Noomi Rapace ) gives birth to the very first ever alien/hybrid as the story progresses further? Because as a director you really want the audience to see/feel that connection in that birth scene.