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‘The Flash’ Movie Loses Director Over Creative Differences


Seth Grahame-Smith is leaving as director of “The Flash” due to “creative differences” with Warner Bros.

“The Flash” would have been the feature directorial debut for Grahame-Smith, who authored and wrote the screenplays for “Pride & Prejudice & Zombies” and “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.”

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dauntingpixel1774d ago

i'm not so sure that I'm overly worried or upset by this news. abe lincoln and pride were ok movies but nothing overly spectacular. they were decent for a one time viewing and i don't know that he can do something worthy with the flash.

-Foxtrot1774d ago

Shame. Not the director that needed to go it was Ezra

ZombieGamerMan1773d ago

regardless of how you feel but we're stuck with him thanks to Batman v Superman

dota2champion1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

these publishers needs to let directors be and let them make the film however they want, and Dawn of Justice didn't disappoint at the box office, it's close to a billion usd

Summons751772d ago

BVS was terrible and a 80% drop in weekend to weekend sales is a horrible drop. Just cause it had good sales it's first weekend doesn't mean it was a good movie.....and if they have any intention on using that hobo with a penciled on mustache that they called The Flash in BVS instead of the intelligent decision and using the TV show actor then this movie can die for all comic book fans care.

DC needs to do some major course correction.

Porcelain_Chicken1772d ago

Agree with course correction. I'd blame Snyder there. Disagree completely with Ezra Miller. He's since shaved and gained a helluva lot of muscle for the role. He'll do a great job I guarantee it!