‘Maze Runner’ Production Delayed Indefinitely Due to Dylan O’Brien’s Injuries


Fox has indefinitely delayed production on “The Maze Runner: The Death Cure” as star Dylan O’Brien needs more time to heal from his March 17 injuries after an on-set car accident.

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-Foxtrot1532d ago's only the Maze Runner. Could be cancelled and you wouldn't hardly hear a peep.

freshslicepizza1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

you do realize the first one made over 300 million dollars worldwide on a budget of only 34 million right? the last one also made over 300 million dollars. so obviously there is a demand for another whether you like it or not but in typical fashion you want to just crap on everything because you're a manic depressive.

-Foxtrot1530d ago

(pinches cheek)

Whatever you say princess

freshslicepizza1527d ago

i guess it's even harder to admit when you're wrong than it is to say anything positive.

Gaming4Life19811532d ago

I actually like maze runner and was looking foward to the third movie.