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Batman Vs. Superman Dead Robin Seemingly Confirmed As Jason Todd


Yesterday saw the official Batman Vs. Superman Instagram account reveal that the Robin in the movie died 20 years ago on the same day.

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"Twenty years in Gotham, how many good guys are left?" #BatmanvSuperman

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dauntingpixel1766d ago

we've all been asking these questions. looks like we have our answer.

WildArmed1766d ago

Yeah, I think this is just confirming what most people already believed. Robin was dead hence the batman's line about clowns in costumes and Gotham.

MasterD9191766d ago

Well, Joker having a complete metal grill in Suicide Squad and Batfleck beating the hell out of his enemies was already a giant confirmation of this, but maybe this is setting up Red Hood for the next Batman movie? It would be nice to hear a mention of Tim Drake or Dick Grayson though too. Barbara Gordon is a good step, but she was sliced out of the main movie for whatever reason...yet we still got a scene where Lex is shoving a jolly rancher into someone's mouth like a weirdo...

dota2champion1766d ago

they're releasing Dawn Of Justice with 2 hours of new scenes in theaters. maybe we'll get to see Barbara?

dauntingpixel1766d ago

not 2 hours. 30ish minutes

WelkinCole1766d ago

How was this not obvious?.