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Arrow "Canary Cry" Review - AVClub

AVClub: After nearly four seasons, the Arrow mythos is impossibly convoluted. There are broken romances and magical resurrections and forgotten atrocities and so, so many flashbacks. “Canary Cry” is clever then in taking all those loose ends and complications and just letting them marinate for an hour. Chief among these is the fact that death has become just as much of a revolving door in this universe as it has in the comics. No one is cruel enough to point this out, but tonight’s episode marks the third time Quentin Lance has buried a daughter, and he’s only got two of them. (And the other one is still alive!) As my last review made clear, it’s preposterous to expect most viewers to just accept a character has actually died—I’m still skeptical, honestly, though that’s more out of stubborn principle than anything else at this point—and tonight’s episode recognizes that by having Lance doggedly refuse to accept his daughter’s death. It’s only when Lance gets to the funeral that it really feels like the truth has sunk in for him, and much of that is in response to his ex-wife Dinah’s familiar insistence that their daughters always come home. Of course, the second a character is sure about anything, I start looking for a swerve, but that’s just what the show has to work with at this point.

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