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The Last Panthers "Chimaeras" Review - AVClub

AVClub: Here is where the crime miniseries starts to sound better as a movie. It’s the third episode of six, firmly in rising action territory. Only what’s the action? Naomi investigates the Panthers’ diamond dealer in London but loses the scent, forcing Tom to back the airport. Khalil investigates Les Agnettes against orders, and makes the startling discovery that Roman’s dirty. And Milan sabotages a coup, leaving his brother at risk twice: Not only does Milan not get Zlatko’s promised (and, sure, probably fictional) payment for Adnan’s heart surgery, but now Zlatko’s men are actively trying to kill him to get back at Milan. The Last Panthers is a process drama; its power comes from its refusal to skip steps. But without greater context, “Chimaeras” is mostly just a plot download. We watch it so we’re caught up in time for the real drama.

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