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While the new Ratchet & Clank game has already made it's way to the PlayStation 4, much to the delight of long-time fans, this week sees the release of the feature length animated film in theaters. It has all the right elements, but can't find a way to put them together.

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Soldierone1770d ago

So disappointed to hear this, yet not surprised. I've waited years to see this, and the small glimpses we got look fantastic. Then they did the delays and "re did" the film by adding stars, and suddenly the marketing turned horrible. I mean look at the first reveal compared to the crappy sheep trailers.... At that point I was like "oh crap..."

Aldous_Snow1770d ago

Being shat on from all directions it seems. Shame really.

I've seen zero marketing for it.

GamerSciz1769d ago

I saw it last night and I beat the game before watching it. I thoroughly enjoyed it as there are some things while playing the game that the movie actually helps explain. The writer makes it seem like he wasn't expecting over the top humor and a lot of wackiness. If you have played the games then you know that's what it is all about. Stupid yet funny humor. I myself enjoyed the movie and thought the animation looked very similar to Pixar quality films. There are scenes that are directly from the game and it was awesome basically seeing the video game come to life in a film.