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It Sounds Like Robert Downey Jr. Has Finally Changed His Mind About Starring In Iron Man 4


Robert Downey Jr. has previously dismissed the notion of starring in a fourth movie, but it sounds like the Captain America: Civil War star has finally changed his mind about suiting up for one more movie...

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dauntingpixel1769d ago

great video and series of interviews. i think everyone would want another iron man movie but where should they go? i'd hope they don't go the way they went with captain america where it feels more like an avengers movie.

Porcelain_Chicken1767d ago

They already teased the real Mandarin. Best not to leave that unfinished like they continue to do so with The Leader way back in the Incredible Hulk.

-Foxtrot1767d ago

Iron Man 4

Iron Man vs The Real Mandarin

It needs to happen