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Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 1 'The Red Woman' Review | FilmGamesEtc

It’s that time of year again. Game of Thrones has returned for its 6th season. Characters who were previously separated by continents are coming together for the first time, and worlds, peoples, and the Great Houses are all set to collide with one another. I’m here to guide you through all 10 episodes of the chaos, beginning with the season premiere, “The Red Woman”. Game of Thrones’ premieres usually aren’t particularly heavy on action, but they always do a serviceable job of setting the stage for the dramas and intrigues that will dominate the season. In this respect, “The Red Woman” feels unfinished, as there are a lot of plotlines given only a moment of our attention before the camera whisks off to another locale. Episodes where the showrunners try to cover as much ground as possible are always frustrating, as no one plotline gets the loving treatment it deserves.

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aDDicteD1775d ago

It was a good episode except for the scenes in dorne

dota2champion1774d ago (Edited 1774d ago )

I'm still confused on whether Trystane went with Jamie or did he went back to dorne. If he went back to dorne, why didn't he told his father on what happen. If he went with Jamie, how did his two cousin found him so fast and easily? This episode is still good though, but every i like every episode of got

aDDicteD1773d ago

He's on a different boat. The only thing that bugs me is that why didn't Jamie went back to dorne, they could have turned back right there and then.

Aldous_Snow1774d ago

Still haven't watched it yet. Will leave a few weeks so I can binge on it...

I binged watched season 1-5 within a few weeks lol