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The Good Wife "Party" Review - AVClub

AVClub: As it nears its end, The Good Wife seems simultaneously ready and not ready to die. “Party,” which is really The Good Wife doing dramatic farce, is a meditation on mortality. Funeral flowers and a bizarrely festive cake bearing the words “rest in peace” accidentally arrive on Alicia’s doorstep just in time for Jackie and Howard’s ketubah—a Jewish marriage contract ceremony. Darkness At Noon, the fictional show-within-the-show that goes above and beyond in its attempts to parody the kind of prestige dramas one might find on AMC, makes it return. And the protagonist at one point literally screams that he doesn’t want to die. Jason offers a piece of Mars to Alicia, which is funny and strange and hints at the the end of the world. The second half of this final season has been starkly self-referential. The Good Wife is ending, and the characters are in on it.

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