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Ranking the Star Wars Films - Video Game Culture HQ

Video Game Culture HQ analyzes the Star Wars films and ranks the movies from worst to best in a list that spans the entire saga.

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guywazeldatatt1768d ago

I'm interested what other people's perspectives are.

I grew up with the OT and was a teenager when the PT came out. Anakin's story resonated with me as a teenager though, so, I think that's why my top film is what it is. My order is constantly changing though; when TFA came out it was drastically different.

coolbeans1767d ago

I agree with what's set at the bottom but can't follow the logic behind A New Hope ranking so low. You're talking about an albeit simple story executed so well with excellent VFX, art design, endlessly quotable dialogue, and iconic moments of filmmaking history. Among the best in the science-fantasy genre.