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Spider-Man Director's Version of Warcraft Had a "Fundamental" Problem, Jones Says


Speaking this week at a PAX East panel, Warcraft director Duncan Jones talked about taking over directorial duties for the project after Spider-Man director Sam Raimi dropped out. He specifically mentioned that Raimi's version of Warcraft had a "fundamental" problem, which was that it was going to be a movie that depicted the human characters as completely good and the Orcs as inherently evil. This depiction of the Warcraft universe was flawed, Jones said, adding that Blizzard, too, thought this was the wrong direction.

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pompombrum2413d ago (Edited 2413d ago )

I was gutted when Raimi dropped out but if this is true, then it was definitely for the best. Humans as good and Orcs as evil is so overdone and Warcraft is unique in that respect, that was one thing they really need to capture with the movie and it definitely looks like they have.

coolbeans2413d ago

If indeed true, I'm quite surprised Raimi would've gone for such a typical fantasy setup. Warcraft has more complex dynamics than that going on.