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Inside Amy Schumer "The World's Most Interesting Woman In The World" Review - AVClub

AVClub: Inside Amy Schumer’s fourth season premiere, “The World’s Most Interesting Woman In The World,” is the show’s least interesting episode in the show. It packs some laughs and provocative ideas, but it’s disjointed, sour, and underdeveloped. As Marah Eakin points out, “The World’s Most Interesting Woman In The World” grapples with Schumer’s success by lampooning the conceit and complacency that coddled stars can cultivate. In a filmed segment, Schumer invites Lin-Manuel Miranda to her rehearsal studio, putatively to arrange a guest appearance on her series, actually so she can pitch him her over-confident, under-considered hip-hopera about Betsy (or, as Schumer first misidentifies her, Bethenny) Ross. In an instant, she pivots from gushing over the Pulitzer Prize-winning composer and Broadway star to “But then I thought ‘… I could do that.’”

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