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Men & Chicken Review - AVClub

AVClub: American movies and television almost invariably use Mads Mikkelsen for his steely Euro-charisma. The actor’s most notable roles here—Hannibal Lecter and Casino Royale’s Le Chiffre—combine danger with elegance, creating characters meant to be both admired and feared. At home in Denmark, however, Mikkelsen gets to show off a considerably wider range, especially when he works with prolific writer-director Anders Thomas Jensen. Men & Chicken is their eighth collaboration (including films Jensen wrote but didn’t direct, like The Salvation), and it almost seems expressly designed as a vehicle for Mikkelsen to play someone as far removed from his Hollywood persona as humanly possible, to the point where “humanly” could be considered less than 100 percent accurate. Alas, his performance is this black comedy’s only point of interest. The film is grotesque and bizarre without ever really being funny, and while the sight of Mikkelsen as a nebbishy loser is initially bracing, the novelty wears off fast, leaving little else.

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