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Broad City "Jews On A Plane" Review - AVClub

AVClub: Even during some of the middling episodes of season three, Broad City has maintained its most striking and alluring quality: the friendship between Abbi and Ilana. First of all, friendships between two women aren’t at the center of many television shows. But this friendship is extra special because of its lack of conflict. Abbi and Ilana are different people who aren’t always necessarily on the same page, but they also aren’t in competition with one another—nor do they let little things get in the way of their steadfast love. Season three brought along the biggest conflict for both characters that we’ve seen all season. Abbi consistently lies to Ilana about her relationship with Trey for several episodes in the season, and then Ilana finds out the truth at the worst time imaginable. Still, Ilana’s emotional breakdown doesn’t really have anything to do with Abbi’s lie. She’s actually reacting to Lincoln breaking up with her. Abbi’s lie becomes an extension of her fear that everything is changing. But it isn’t enough to actually damage her relationship with her best friend. Broad City understands that friendships can be complicated without having to be conflict-ridden. There’s something genuinely fun about watching two friends have so much fun together and support each other.

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