Empire "Time Shall Unfold" Review - AVClub

AVClub: Picking a screen story apart is what bored people do. When a television show is firing on all cylinders, the audience is entertained, and its ability to suspend disbelief expands to the point that flubs feel intentional and errors seem like triumphs. “Time Shall Unfold” is limited by the fact that it’s an episode of Empire, a show that has repeatedly torched whatever goodwill it has built with its audience. But that’s just about the only thing limiting “Time Shall Unfold,” which, like “My Bad Parts” and “Death Will Have Its Day,” demonstrates Empire’s ability to suddenly become its best self. The unexpected flashes of brilliance are especially surprising here, considering how far Empire has wandered off its path. There’s no way any of this should work, but somehow most of it does, even while the show continues in the same baffling direction. That’s no minor feat.

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