The Plot Of Star Wars: Episode VIII Has Seemingly Leaked Online And It Will Make You Really Mad


We've heard that Rian Johnson has some interesting things planned for Star Wars Episode VIII, but if this rumoured plot outline is accurate, you may want to start getting your torches and pitchforks ready...

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dauntingpixel1848d ago (Edited 1848d ago )

say whaaaaaaa?!? I wonder how much of this is true. regardless - these are fun to read whether or not they're legitimate. makes for some interesting commentary from the fanbase

StarWarsFan1847d ago

I doubt it's real. It's also convoluted. A chosen one usually means one, so why would there have been many chosen ones never mentioned. If it's the spirit of the chosen one, I don't think there would be room for individual personalities; but if a different person is the chosen one periodically to re-balance the Force, that's not reincarnation. And I don't know if calling Rey Luke's father is really accurate if you're just another chosen one. Let's pretend this is real; then maybe they need to get a little more creative than making another chosen one like Anakin was in the old movies. Are they also making an even BIGGER Death star in the next movie?

dauntingpixel1847d ago

no more death stars or planet destroyers

Software_Lover1847d ago

It could be something like the Avatar. I'm sure each Avatar had different personalities but was considered "CHOSEN". I agree though, I don't like the idea if true. It just reeks of laziness.

guywazeldatatt1847d ago

Pablo Hidalgo and my personal sources (legit) confirmed that this is total garbage.

Move along..

Aldous_Snow1847d ago (Edited 1847d ago )

LOL Star Wars is becoming alot like Eastenders

Just wait until Snoke is revealed to be none other than... Dot Cotton

dota2champion1847d ago

"No, you are my father" So cheesy and cringy, that plot is fake!