Robert Downey Jr. Joins The Cast Of Spider-Man Homecoming

According to reports from THR, Captain America: Civil War actor Robert Downey Jr. has finalized talks to appear in the upcoming Spider-Man: Homecoming.

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Soldierone1681d ago

I wonder where exactly the movie falls in then. Could we be seeing Iron Spider soon?

dota2champion1681d ago

Maybe he'll try to woo aunt may

coolbeans1681d ago

Pepper Potts In Yoga Pants will end any chance of a relationship there. :P

StarWarsFan1681d ago

I guess Spider-Man can't carry his own movie anymore. It still amazes me how Sony has made so many mistakes with its major franchises: The Amazing Spider-Man 2, the infinite delay in The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo sequel and the new Ghostbusters which will probably end up as a failure in a few months. Astonishing.

-Foxtrot1681d ago

They are actually going to continue the Girl with the Dragoon Tattoo skipping the other two books, moving onto a new one not written by the guy who original did them and without the original actors

I mean....why bother.