Terminator Sequels Will Not Feature Emilia Clarke

Emilia Clarke tells that she will not be returning for any Terminator sequels, following her debut as Sarah Connor in last year's Genisys.

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-Foxtrot1774d ago

Which means they should just scrap this and either leave it alone or start again

I'd rather see a real Terminator 3 film with Linda Hamilton in it...something like what they are hoping to do with Alien 5 and ignore the other 2 films before it.

Aldous_Snow1773d ago

Thought all future Terminator movies were indefinitely delayed? Just like Judgement Day I suppose, it's inevitable.

MasterD9191773d ago

No need to continue to pump life into this dead series...especially, when the majority of the original actors and current actors are moving on to bigger and better projects. I was surprised Emilia Clarke did the first one at all frankly.

Defectiv3_Detectiv31773d ago

Count me as being the camp of: really, they're still thinking about doing another Terminator after that last abomination?

The last film came off as a poorly made fan service. They really need to scale down the concept of the movie and go back to it being more of a suspense thriller instead of a generic action movie wrapped up in an increasingly convoluted plot that nobody can follow anymore.

WizzroSupreme1773d ago

Good. She's got bigger things ahead of her than cruddy Terminator films. Time to wave goodbye to this franchise. Add another one to the garbage pile, Fox.

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