The Grinder "For The People" Review - AVClub

AVCLub: The cold opens for The Grinder that comment on how we as an audience watch the show have never been particularly subtle when it comes to what they are trying to say. “For The People” was the least subtle cold open of them all: Things are getting too complicated, says “The Board,” in the Mitchard Grinder’s world. “We need to present a case that anyone can understand even if they know nothing. Something so simple you barely have to be half awake to understand it,” says Mitch’s nerdy associate, both commenting on the case the Grinder character is prosecuting, but also the half-season long arc that’s taken over the series’ plots. There’s a lot of risk associated with the malpractice case that has been the show’s focus for some time. The drawbacks and benefits to pulling this off for The Grinder are part of the discussion in the beginning. On one hand, this move allows The Grinder to give its viewers some credit. They’re smarter than this “Board” gives them credit for. On the other hand, maybe they’re not, and the plot canalienate the people who are not entrenched in whether Dean is actually a lawyer or at what stage the defense is on. Even the title of the episode — “For The People” — speaks to what this episode is about on its basest level. This is a break in the action so that the audience can catch a their breath and keep up.

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