AMC Entertainment CEO Backpedals: ‘No Texting Allowed’

Variety: AMC Entertainment CEO Adam Aron is backpedaling on statements he made to Variety two days ago about being open to allowing texting in some theaters.

Following a social media outcry from moviegoers, the new head of AMC Entertainment said in a statement released to AMC guests on social platforms that there will be no texting allowed in theaters. “Not today, not tomorrow and not in the foreseeable future,” he promised.

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RetrospectRealm1743d ago

@dauntingpixel "check your brain retro. you labelled a post of mine about 4d theaters coming this summer which is actual news as lame. but somehow you think this is interesting."

Yeah, I'm pretty interested in this seeing as I hate how some people use their phones in the theater. It's incredibly distracting. So glad AMC changed their minds.

And I still have no idea why you brought up 4D theaters.