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Bob’s Burgers "The Hormone-iums" Review - AVClub

AVClub: This is a damn fine Bob’s Burgers episode, in the way that most every Tina Belcher episode is. Implicit in that sentence is the main reason this review is posting a bit late, honestly: There’s a not whole lot to say about “The Hormone-iums” I haven’t said in previous reviews, and an unwary reviewer can fall into the trap of conflating a lack of new things to say about an episode with the actual quality of the episode. (Don’t worry: I’m going to be self-indulgently meta for, like, two more sentences, then press on.) There are four main ways a Bob’s Burgers episode can distinguish itself: through well-constructed storytelling, through emotional character work, through mad ambition, and through just being really flipping funny. That last one probably ought to be the most important criterion, and it is in the minds of most fans, yet it’s also the trickiest to write about, given the whole “comedy is subjective” thing, which is why I tend to be most drawn to the episodes that push the boundaries of what the show can be.

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