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Oscar Isaac on 'Star Wars: Episode VIII': 'It Feels Like We're Making an Independent Film'

LA Times

From the moment it was announced Rian Johnson would be directing "Star Wars: Episode VIII," fans have been excitedly wondering what kind of special sauce the director of genre-bending films like "Looper" and "Brick" (not to mention a few of the best episodes of "Breaking Bad") will bring to the universe George Lucas created.

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StarWarsFan2420d ago

I hope he has a bigger part in the next movie.

RetrospectRealm2420d ago

Totally agree. He reminds me very much of Han Solo. He's cool and good looking.

StarWarsFan2420d ago

Yes, very true. I understand why he wasn't put in more in The Force Awakens, but I think he should be given more with the next. I wouldn't mind seeing less of Finn (John Boyega) at this point. He worked in The Force Awakens, but I don't think he's that interesting of a character to go beyond that. Reunite him with family and let him be, I say.

feedthereaper2419d ago

He wasn't in Force Awakens that much because he was scripted to die fairly early into the movie, but script changes literally at the last minute created an opportunity for his character to be kept alive, but with so much of the movie written and parts of it already filmed, it was too late to give him a much bigger part than he got.

This is why there was confusion over him dying in the Tie Fighter wreckage but suddenly turning up at the Rebel Base. Because I believe he was meant to die in that wreckage but because they re-wrote his script and included him in the end battle sequences, they had to fudge over the entire "where have you been and how did you leave the planet" plot hole.

WizzroSupreme2420d ago

Definitely wanna see Poe send Kylo Ren's Star Destroyer to the scrapyard in style.

coolbeans2419d ago

Probably by singing folk music while delivering the killing blow. :P

WelkinCole2419d ago

If it means more focus on story and acting instead of just brain numbing pointless action then that is a good thing.