TVF Elementary Season 4 Episode 21 Review: Ain't Nothing Like the Real Thing

Two guys turned up dead, and Sherlock figured out that they were both murdered while faking a murder. Clever, right?

My biggest problem with Elementary Season 4 Episode 21 was that almost the whole investigation could've been avoided if the cops had done a pretty basic thing: check the alibi of the victim's spouse.

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alycakes1782d ago

Oh that was much better than a 3. Finding out who was the killer in this one was a bit of a challenge but I got it before they revealed it. Not only that but I also knew that Sherlock's dad was aware of what his mole was doing and was going to do something about it but I didn't think he would go as far as he did.

StarWarsFan1782d ago

These cases just never get stale.