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How Spider-Man Saved Captain America: Civil War


As Disney and Sony executives locked horns in a Hollywood conference room last February, the film-makers behind Captain America: Civil War were already betting on the outcome. Spider-Man was going to be in this movie, no matter what. And if he wasn’t, well, that was going to be a problem.

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Soldierone1783d ago

In a way he could break it too. If the entire movie is great, but Spider-Man is lame then that is all people will talk about.

Retroman1783d ago

Spiderman "SAVED" civil war as Hulk "SAVED" Avengers 1&2 without Hulk Avengers 1&2 would been boring,lame, crapfest .

dota2champion1782d ago

Civil War would of been fine without Spiderman, having him is just icing