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CS Interview: Common on Entertaining with Message in Barbershop: The Next Cut

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CS chats with Common about Barbershop: The Next Cut, Suicide Squad and John Wick: Chapter 2

Boasting a Fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes, this weekend’s Barbershop: The Next Cut welcomes to the neighborhood real-life Chicago native Common. In the film, Common plays Rashad, the new husband of Eve’s returning franchise character, Terri. Although he works in the barbershop owned by Ice Cube‘s Calvin, Rashad is far from the only thing that has changed for the Barbershop crew. In the latest film, arriving more than ten years after the last entry, a major part of the focus is on America’s gun crisis and its disastrous effect on south Chicago.

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alycakes1784d ago

I love Common. He was great in Hell on Wheels and he got a wonderful voice too. I've seen him do a few character parts but he's doing better now and I really like him.