The Future Has Never Been Less Certain In New Trailer For 'Mr. Robot' Season 2

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There are probably a few contenders for breakout show for 2015, but high in the mix would definitely be "Mr. Robot." USA Network's paranoid drama was a critical hit, an audience fave, and finally gave Rami Malek the platform role he deserves. Now the question is, what will season two bring with it?

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alycakes1545d ago

Last season I thought...this is going to be boring. Then you start listening to what's happening and you get hooked. I knew that had to be his imagination but still there were times I still wasn't sure. Usually Ican't watch something that's just talking and kinda slow where you're forced to think about what's going on in peoples minds but this is worth the watch.

freshslicepizza1545d ago

it was definitely a welcomed surpise. check out silicon valley too

boodi1544d ago

a let down for me , entry episodes a blast then a mixed shame of dejavu ..hope this one runs better and on his own legs..

RetrospectRealm1544d ago

I'll definitely stick around, but this isn't exactly my cup of tea. I didn't like the plot twist towards the end of the first season. It kind of felt forced, like they were pretty desperate to throw in a twist.

boodi1544d ago

lack of ideas , of script ..and likely of budget too..
it seems like thay throwed is big money at beginning then somewhat money where sucked of toward the second part of production ,at the point that it was nearly better the show ended @ episode 3 or 4