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An Eye For Beauty Review - AVClub

AVClub: Beautiful people living in beautiful houses surrounded by stunningly beautiful Canadian landscapes dominate the aptly titled An Eye For Beauty, which unfortunately also demands a stomach for tedium. The film’s protagonist, Luc (Éric Bruneau), an incredibly buff young Québecois architect, spends most of his time skiing, hunting, playing tennis, and growing primo weed behind the self-designed hillside dream home he shares with his equally gorgeous and fit wife, Stéphanie (Mélanie Thierry). Luc’s life is basically perfect, and that doesn’t appreciably change when he embarks upon an affair with Lindsay (Melanie Merkosky), a woman he meets in Toronto while serving as a judge for some sort of architecture competition. An Eye For Beauty should have passion on its side, if nothing else—when movies about infidelity go wrong, it’s usually because they’re overwrought—but torrid quickly gives way to tepid in this bizarrely bland portrait of an emotional non-crisis. Even suicidal depression somehow comes across as eminently shrugworthy.

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